Changing the balance in tech

For WiTech (Women in Technology) we developed a brand that epitomises ‘changing the balance’, and a brought it to life on a dynamic new website.

The WITECH project is an entrepreneurship course that seeks to encourage female scientists, engineers and technologists to develop businesses based on their expertise, with support from academic institutions and business start-up hubs from across Europe.

Developing the Brand

We developed branding with a modern, streamlined and geometric feel appropriate for the technical theme, but with an openness and playfulness that avoids macho rigidity. With high-energy, highly-saturated colours and carefully treated imagery – we have a combination that is stylish, feminine without being clichéd, and futuristic.

A website designed for change

The website design is built around a signature layout that dramatically divides the page around a strong, central axis point, implying a dynamically shifting balance. We used panels of shifting gradients to emphasise the theme of momentum and change, and to add a further element of dynamism.

Combined with a modular framework to allow the website to grow as new aspects of the course are announced, we have created a hard-working, robust system with a custom feel.

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